Ghoulicious Coffin Case

Get an A+ in Monsterista style! Everything a ghoul needs for a scary sweet style to die for! Inside this creeparific coffin locker there are every ghouls must-have shades for lips, eyes, nails and freaky- fab hair. Complete with skulltastic stickers and accessories, you can show off your ghoul spirit!

Includes 1 x lipgloss palette, 1 x eyeshadow palette, 1 x shimmer powder palette, 3 x lip gloss pots, 1 x lip gloss ring, 2 x nail polish, 2 x lipstick, 1 x nail gem set, 2 x nail stencil sheets, 2 x hair bands, 1 x nail file, 1 x sticker set, 4 x rings, 1 x mirror, 1 x comb, 1 x brush, 1 x lip brush, 1 x applicator