Sparkle Power Beauty-on-the-Go Kit

Transform into a sparkle superhero with this fabulous beauty belt! A jewel compact with two interchangeable makeup palettes lets your create the princess-perfect look that fits your mood. Dazzle up with matching hair chalk, lipstick and shimmer, then complete the look with superhero wrist cuffs. Attach your beauty items to the belt for on-the-go glam! All of our make up is designed for the young at heart and safe for use by all users.

  • 1 x Pair of wrist cuffs
  • 2 x Shimmer compacts- attach on the cuffs
  • 1 x Diamond shape compact with 1 lip brush 1 applicator
  • 1 x Super beauty belt
  • 2 x Makeup palettes 
  • 10 x lip gloss shades
  • 8 x glitter cream shades
  • 2 x Hair chalk colours
  • 1 x Mess-free hair chalk comb
  • 2 x Lip sticks