Totally Fabelous Secret Makeup Diary

Are You a Royal or Rebel….? YOLOUT! You don’t need to keep this Make Up Diary a secret ! Choose and create your own Royal or a Rebel look with 2 unique palettes! Each side includes multiple accessories for lips, eyes and nails.  Spell-tastic for creating mani-curse and Pedi-curse.  Don't forget, all of our nail polish is water based and peelable, and of course all of our other make up is designed for the young at heart and safe for use by all ages.

Two sides - 1 x Rebel and 1 x Royal- Each side contains:

  • 5 eye shadows
  • 5 lip gloss shades
  • 1 Ever After High Lip Gloss Key with 5 shades
  • 1 nail stencil sheet
  • 1 glitter pot
  • 2 nail polish
  • 1 nail art polish
  • 1 toe separator
  • 1 set faux nails (12)
  • 2 heart shaped rings
  • 1 tweezers
  • 1 applicator
  • 1 Ever After High Sticker Sheet